Is It Wise To Go With Multiple Agents?

Whether you decide on having one agent or splitting the work between two agents, there are advantages and disadvantages either way. Having an agent do your work for you can make things go easy while multiple agents can make things even easier. Before you compare your options, here are few questions you must answer before you make a decision.

#1. Where do you want to invest

Before deciding on how many agents you want working for you, you should find out what different areas the agents are licensed to work. Agents have limited areas they can work and so if you are deciding to invest in another province, you should probably have multiple agents that can represent you in different areas. Seek your agent’s advice on this issue and they may be able to link with you with other agents in the area who can help you.

#2. What is their expertise

Does your agent have equal expertise? Most agents are specialized in one area of real estate. It can either be in selling or buying. An exclusive buying agent will not be able to represent you when it comes to selling your property because they might have little or no idea when it comes to selling. So if you decide on getting one agent, be prepared to have difficulties in certain areas along the way.

#3. Benefits of having one agent

Having one agent is not only cost effective; you will be able to build a strong relationship that will help in your investment. You will also be able to monitor the activities of the agent while concentrating on your bust schedules. Furthermore, an agent will be able to represent your interest without having to compete to be better than another agent.

#4. Benefits of having multiple agents

With agents having different specialties, having multiple agents will enable you to have the best results because each agent will do better in the area they are good at. You will also be able to have sufficient knowledge of all the various areas of the business. Multiple agents will give you the best insight you need when it comes to buying and selling.

How to decide

Whether you are leaning on getting one agent or multiple agents the decision rests solely on you. Interview several agents so you will have a good knowledge of what they can do.

What area they are good at?  Whether an agent has equal specialization?  Also evaluate how best they will be able to look after your interest to maximize great profit.


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