Bitcoin Verification To Detect CV Fraud In University College London

Consider a case in which, you receive a treatment from a doctor with fake papers, or not being shortlisted for a job due to another job seeker providing a fake CV. However, this type of scenarios is on the rise around the world, where the lack of correct documentation verification prevails due to it being too complex and expensive. Nevertheless, bitcoin may give a solution to this underlining problem in which document verification would be done via bitcoin verification.

CV verification Via Bitcoin

The University College London (UCL) has declared that its Centre for Blockchain technologies has recently finalized a pilot program permitting MSc graduates in Financial Risk Management to offer immediate confirmation of the academic qualification via bitcoin.

London-based startup Gradbase has developed a platform that in which all graduates in 2016-2017 of the above course mention can register their degree credential. In addition, the validity of this information is verified by the school and followed by the system providing a transaction approving the genuineness of these degrees through bitcoin.

The partaking graduates get a QR code they can put on their resume documents, business cards or professional profiles which people can scan and validate their qualification.

Academic scam is a cross-continental problem which needs a worldwide solution. The focus of Gradbas is becoming the world’s first platform for simply and trustworthily validates any credential globally, according to Cedric Colle, Gradbase Founder.

Centre for Blockchain Technologies|University College London

The University College London (UCL) was established in 1826, in the center of London. It has an estimate of nearly 38,000 students from 150 various countries and also more than 11,000 staff. UCL is the third largest university in the UK, according to cumulative enrolment and the biggest by postgraduate registration.

UCL’s center for blockchain Technologies (CBT) is established to provide an academic interdisciplinary research hub for bitcoin and related inventions. The hub also provides a tin tank linking developers and regulators. The center also makes provision for services such as consultancy, knowledge-transfer activities, an in-house solution.

The Executive Director of UCL CBT, Paolo Tasca explained that the academic institution is delighted to have joint with Gradbase on a pilot project which is, it’s first in the UK. The UCL CBT is an apex body in permitting the utilization of blockchain technology in the education arena and the institution anticipate that this technology will become conventional in the near future.





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