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David Abraham
David Abraham is a writer who is crazy about all things business. He loves to read, learn and talk to the people in the know. When he is not busy reading or writing, he spends his time watching football and being awful at playing the piano.
Victoria Smith
Book-lover, Poet, Undergrad lawyer, Pringles fan‎...Number One fan of sarcasm Your definition of lazy Musically crazy 60% Nerdy.
Hannah Rogers
Social worker, Mom,Right-Handed, Christian, Food Lover, Perfectionist, Workaholic.
Husain Drammeh
Associate Writer
Muslim, writer, Economist, friend or foe depends on the situation. Far from perfect neither absolutely imperfect. But there's no one me-er than me and that's truer than true.
Caleb MacCauley
Associate Writer
Not your everyday human being. A mega foodie, writer, lover of great things. Always on a journey of self discovery and open for new adventures; artistic with a dash of creative insanity.
Ya Sally
Associate Writer
Muslimah, law undergrad, feminist, humanist, saggitarian, waggish, self-made thousandaire, ambivert, professional procrastinator.
Abdoulie Njai
Associate Writer
Outgoing,Sports fanatic, Poet, Creative writer, Left handed,Critical thinker, Music lover, Gamer, Pieces(Horoscope), Argumentative, A Visionaire.
MacKenzie Teah
Associate Writer
If Kenzie It's Not Writing About The Images That Paints His Thought, Then Know He's Nodding To The Tunes Of James Blunt.

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