5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Property

If you trying to find a property to buy or rent that will fit your needs, whether it is a family home, students home, school, office, mansion, warehouse or even a bachelors’ pad, it is important to be aware of the steps to take.

#1. Find a real estate agent

Finding a suitable real estate agent is essential for enjoying a stress-free real estate transaction. Choosing a real estate agent, whether it is to help you buy or sell a property is a tough decision and requires a lot of consideration. You need to talk to previous clients of theirs, look up their licensing, to ensure you select a realtor with the right credentials such as CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) or SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist). Once you have selected a real estate agent that possesses the necessary credentials, you can then take the next step.

#2. Determine your budget:

This is the first step to take after finding a suitable real estate agent. To determine your budget it is important to have a good idea of your income, the bills you pay already and the other bills you may be required to pay, for example if you decide on a property with a pool, then you must be aware that you would be required to clean it at intervals and you would have to pay for such services. After your budget has been determined it will narrow down the search for both you and your agent as they would now have an idea of the price range to base the search on. You must also consider the property tax which is often based on the purpose of the property.

#3. Purpose of property:

This simply refers to what you plan on using the property for, whether it is a house, an office, school, warehouse etc.

It is important to determine the exact use of the property as well as the type. For example, if you want a house, would you want a town-house, bungalow, duplex or apartment? Is it a house suitable for a family, for friends, or for students? Is it an office, a factory or warehouse you want? These are some important questions you must consider so as to help you decide on exactly what kind of property you should be looking for.

#4. Location:

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you mind noise, the social buzz of the city’s night life or do you prefer the quietness of the country? Would your purpose for acquiring the property be potentially something that could affect a populated area, as in the case of a factory? Are there other such establishments around that area? Would the right sort of people or clients be around this area if you’re planning on running a business? These are a few questions you have to answer to be able to determine exactly where you should be looking for a place.

#5. Ease of access:

Finally in the decision-making process, you must consider the ease of access to the essential things you may require. For instance, if you’re looking to get a family home, you will need to check if you are going to be close to the children’s school, good hospitals, parks and etc. A factory owner, on the other hand, would consider the possibility of accessing all necessary raw materials and transporting them to where they are needed. It is clear that no matter the type of property, ease of access is an important factor.

In conclusion, irrespective of your budget and unique requirements, it is possible to get the just the perfect property for you, simply by following these 5 steps.


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