Medicinal Marijuana Contamination Being Handled

Aurora Cannabis Inc. tells its clients that it will soon include another process for its 3rd party quality control testing to prevent the current controversy from happening again.

The company is dealing with the concerns of its clients over the purity of its products which has been recalled. These are products that have sold by producers who have been approved by Health Canada.

Each product sold by the company have a certificate showing that it was analysed by Anandia Labs, a cannabis testing laboratory.

This company is based in Cremona, Alberta but also has operations in Vancouver city.

Anandia Labs tests for 51 pesticides and plant growth regulators along with other contaminants—bacteria; heavy metals.

Aurora chief executive Terry Booth:

“It is imperative that patients have confidence in the safety of the products they consume, and in the integrity of the medical cannabis system.………will raise the bar for the entire sector, and offer a model for other companies to follow.”

Organigram and Mettrum—the medical producers of the herb—has experienced call-backs due to products being tainted by pesticides. Aurora had its own recall in January.

Two months ago, Organigram Inc. in New Brunswick, had its products called back due to the presence of myclobutanil and bifenazate—pesticides. These pesticides are not authorized by Health Canada to be used on cannabis plants.

Some of the symptoms experienced by those with adverse reactions were; vomiting, nausea, irritation in the throat, respiratory tract irritation and weight loss, according Health Canada.

The company might be sued over the pesticides used and could lose its organic status from Ecocert—the organization certificate organization.

Aurora recalled 7 lots of Organigram product voluntarily that had already been sold to costumers under their own name.

Let’s all hope that they all can fix this because a lot people need these products. 


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