The East looks to Canada’s technology sector


The Chinese have had their eyes on real estate in both the USA and more recently, Canada. The metropolitan of Vancouver in British Columbia is no stranger to Chinese investors in the real estate sector but there are now turning their eyes to another sector: technology.

There was a meeting held by technology funding initiatives in the Western city of Vancouver where Chinese investors were in attendance. The topic of discussion: linking the Chinese market size and investment capital with the crème de la crème of the tech world. The areas that will be focused on are those of health sciences and urban sustainability.

According to UBC professor and associate director of the Clean Energy Research Centre, Tony Bi, this is a great first step towards creating “solutions to environmental problems that are facing Canadian and Chinese societies today”.

Prof. Bi traveled to China to speak with regional officials on the environmental concerns of the country; China has been no stranger to pollution seeing that their source of energy is coal.

It is good to see that the environment is being taken into consideration because we as a people have become very careless with Mother Earth. With further research and implementation of laws, we can heal the Earth.

China has begun to look at clean energy as they the world’s leading polluter. Pollution is known to cause all types of illnesses and sicknesses including cancer, asthma, black lung—which can lead to death.


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