Activist Wants Home Construction To Be Prioritised

At a conference that will be held in Vancouver during this week, a housing activist will inform delegates present at the conference to have building of home as their top priority. San Francisco Bay Area Renters’ Federation’s president, Sonja Trauss, will be speaking at the Real Estate Development Talks; Wesgroup developer happens to be the sponsor.

Sonja said to a news reporting firm; “My philosophy is that people should use their existing land to increase density. As far as renters are concerned, there’s no such thing as building too many units.”

She voiced out her opinions, saying matters like saving few trees should not be prioritised or considered of greater importance than building new homes, she also said lands should be used by their owners to increase density. She is looking forward to having red tape be a matter of the past and calls on people to inform their regionally decision makers their opinion about restrictions and deferrals that are inhibiting increase of cheap homes.


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