Landlords are not in Favor of People Sharing Rent Information in Montreal


Wondering how much a rental apartment might cost? No need to stress yourself because the information could be on a new free app created in April to put an ease to the unending and tiring process of finding a rental apartment that suits your needs.

Montrealers have been given the opportunity to share information on how much they are selling their homes or at what cost homes are bought. Users of the site are also able to access housing agent to link them with landlords.

Additionally, homeowners are now able to showcase their homes on the website with detailed information about the property including the number of rooms and also the rental cost.

According to Luis Nobre, one of the site’s founders, it is realistic for people searching for homes to ask for certain details with regards to the property. Hence the site has help to fasten the process as users can easily search for the type of home they want without having to go through several other homes they are not interested in.

Information obtained from the site equips users with the valid rental rate of different apartments and also the rate changed on homes in particular areas. From its initial launching, the website has close to 1,500 users.

But this new trend is not going down well with some landlords as they state that the site is not needed and it is illegal.

According to Quebec Landlords Corporation spokesperson Hans Brouillette in an interview, all ads put up for rentals in the city always have rental prices. He went on to add that it is against the city regulations to share or take public rental information.

This information sharing process he says exposes the dealing of landlords including personal information such as their rental cost, lease data and incomes.

Another concern raised by landlords is the fact that it is very difficult to determine if the information provided on the website are from valid sources. In response to this, Nobre noted that they go all out to ensure that the information posted on the site is genuine.

Brouillette went on to add that landlords have the right to increase on the rights if they had carried out renovation on the property or for any other reason.




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