Home Prices In Canada Experience An Exponential Increase In May: Teranet House Price Index

Home prices in Canada as of May took a rather steady increase as Toronto showed more strength, in spite of all recent efforts by the Canadian government to cool the market. In the interim elsewhere in Vancouver, prices sprung up to smash new peaks.

According to the Teranet Statistics – National Bank House Price Index, which is an institute for measuring variations for repeat sales of homes owned by single-families, clearly showed a 2.2 per cent increase last month. The prices soared across all 11 cities which are part of the index, headed by Toronto with a 3.6% rise and neighboring city Hamilton with a 3.1% growth. Regardless of the fact that latest figures showed a drop in activity in the Toronto market in May, there’s a fast growth in price in the resale market according to Wednesday’s report.

Compared to last year, prices ascended to 28.7% and 23.5% in Toronto and Hamilton respectively, which was a record at the time. Nonetheless, according to the report, Toronto which is Canada’s largest city, logged acceleration on home prices annually for a consecutive fourteenth months.

In the midst of troubles of overheating, subsidy measures were given by the Ontario government at the end of the previous month trying to gain control of price gains in Toronto and its neighboring cities, with an inclusion of foreign buyers’ tax.

Although the foreign buyers’ tax was being enforced or made obligatory by the provincial government of British Columbia, which proved efficient in cooling the West Coast market, nevertheless the market still shows signs of restoration.

Last week, a cautioning was given by the bank of Canada asserting that increasing consumer debt levels and the unbalanced nature of housing markets have all but speeded household susceptibilities.

Housing in Canada as of now is a central and fundamental concern to all aspects of life.


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