What Have Arizonans Been Searching For Online Since The Election?

The U.S election last year had a great impact on many Americans as many were uncertain what the future holds for America. But within hours of polls closing on Election Day, Canada’s immigration site crashed as countless numbers of Americans planning to head to Canada.

These large numbers of people deciding to leave the country were mostly people not in favor of Donald Trump’s ideas or who were uncertain of what decisions he will make when he takes the offices.

Canada became the most popular option for many Arizonans and reports have shown many have been googling “how to immigrate to Canada.”

Evidently, Arizonans were the highest number of people searching on goggle than other countries according to Estately, a real estate site that occasionally takes a look at what people mostly search for on Google.

However, New Hampshire which is closer to Canada had the highest number of search and this obviously makes sense. But in the case of Arizona, it becomes skeptical as to why people that have been used to sunny weather conditions want to move to a much colder country.

One might say it’s just a way to level the playing field as Canadians have been known for moving to Arizona over the years. But taking a look at the other most popular searches made by Arizonans such as “Russian prostitutes” in Iowa, “Martin Shkreli dog poop” in Illinois, it gives a deeper understanding of why some might want to move away for a while.


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