Twitter Says Farewell to @Bitcoin

Once again, Bitcoin’s Twitter account @Bitcoin has indeed being restricted, starting up the endless BTC/BCH talks. With immediate effects from Sunday, April the 8th, the questionable independent Bitcoin handle @Bitcoin has been halted by Twitter, the social media giant.

It is alleged that the Twitter accounts are probably banned relating to impersonation, spamming, or abuse. However @ Bitcoin is quite known for most of all of the above accusations heaped on it by critics.  Even though Twitter has not made any comment regarding the ban, the announcement comes following various criticisms of the platform’s persistent pro-Bitcoin agenda.

The ban showcases the outstanding uncomfortable ties between Bitcoin and its errant lovechild, Bitcoin Cash. The two protocols have accumulated cult-like trends, of which both seem to be of the opinion that one can succeed in the rush for expansion.

Roger Ver, commonly known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, is at the fore front of the issue, whose pro-BCH decision is known to all in a significant spirited rivalry.  Previously known as the most influential proponents of Bitcoin, Ver has succeeded to become a vocal critic of Bitcoin’s expensive cost, and rather embracing BCH as the leading cryptocurrency.

Ver’s conspiratorial position is that the BTC has disrupted the first blockchain by intentionally impeding the development of its systems to the levels of speedier and more reasonable exchanges.

Normally, Bitcoin advocates have met these for the most part unconfirmed cases with vitriol, blaming Ver for spreading hostile statements against BTC purposefully for his monetary benefit even though the serial business person has a questionable association with both BTC and BCH.


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