EHO-Tex ICO. The Case Of Smart Textile For Horses

Particularly for EHO, the company focuses on utilizing procedures from EHO tokens sale for product improvement and advertising. Then all products, mobile application premium highlights, and some other produced value will be sold just for EHO tokens.

An auxiliary choice of paying with fiat will likewise be available; however, procedures on this account will be occasionally channeled to the trade for the buy of EHO tokens without respect to its value beginning with the most minimal sell positions.

“For me the concept of private money and channelling all sales of the company through the token is a break-through concept that can completely change the world we live in”, shares Antons Sapriko, the CEO of Scandiweb and adds “while conventional ICOs usually represent a sale of a fraction in a protocol, what if we extend the concept of protocol to include off-chain interactions? What if we just look at any company as, say, Disneyland, which issues its private money to finance the building of the infrastructure and all the rollercoasters and then commits to issue tickets only in exchange for its the private money that was sold during ICO and proceedings were used to build everything according to the plan.” Antons Sapriko, CEO, Scandiweb.

EHO group has won admission to top startup incubators and accelerators in the Nordic region and additionally City Mayor prize as the most inventive product.

With 60 million stallions worldwide containing an industry worth 300 billion dollars with developing markets like China exhibiting the development of 1,500% in horse clubs in a couple of years catching unimportant 0.5% of the horse industry, EHO would create $300 million worth of stock and it isn’t the farthest point.

EHO is situated to become the main source of the information so profitable for a huge number of horse owners, sports clubs, and horse industry service providers.

EHO is a group of two researchers, analysts, and creators, who patented smart textile innovation in 2015 and were joined by two business people to make an effective item out of this development.

Smart textile is a fabric with embedded sensors which measure weight or stretch and transmit information to a cell phone. The field of use is massive, from smart socks helping you to enhance your strolling and running habits or to track your seating and standing time, to any games or sports e.g. piano or violin playing, where posture is the way to the mastery.


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