Bitnation Blockchain Jurisdiction Is Released For Android And iOS

Established in 2014 by CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Bitnation is a group of 22 engineers and administration specialists headquartered in Amsterdam. They won the valued UNESCO NetExplo Grand Prix in 2017 and now they will probably make a configurable peer to peer jurisdiction that anybody can utilize anyplace from their cell phones actually putting the law into everybody’s hands.

The first version is accessible to download for Android from Google Play and iOS on TestFlight, where you can make and join voluntarily Nations on the Ethereum chain and visit with different nationals.

Bitnation is making a passage to self-sovereign governance for the mass market by enabling clients to effectively make and authorize smart contracts under any legitimate code and access governance  DApps on their Blockchain ward. PAT, an in-application token, gives impetuses to contract compliance by controlling an AI-driven reputation system.


Subsequent to building the world’s first Blockchain Public Notary with the Estonian government’s e-Residency program and an award-winning refugee person ID protocol, Bitnation’s unique thought was to make a work area Blockchain Jurisdiction, and a model Pangea 0.1 was worked in 2015. In any case, Bitnation’s market surveying demonstrated that understandings, for the most part, started with a discussion inside an instant messenger, and in 2016 they created Pangea 0.2, a talk based verification of-idea, which was totally upgraded and created in 2017 and 2018.

Bitnation has launched Pangea 0.3.3 for Android and iOS. This version incorporates a gathering visit, a wallet, country creation/joining capacities, and a profile. Countries are made as smart contracts on Ethereum. As indicated by Bitnation’s advancement guide, additionally releases will follow in three weeks, utilizing a light deft/scrum philosophy. As indicated by CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof:

“We’re particularly interested in contract insurance, to complement our reputation system, as well as governance service applications such as peer-to-peer security, insurance, etc. – and we hope to rapidly build an ecosystem of DApp integrations. Each individual and each Nation should be able to choose their unique package of governance services suited for their specific needs.”


Bitnation is focusing on individuals who work on the web and across borders and need a jurisdiction to account for that. Current web-based outsourcing trends show that there will be near one billion online independent freelancers and digital travelers by 2025. Much more individuals work in the casual economy and have no current legitimate insurances.

Bitnation says that utilizing its jurisdiction for legitimate services is essentially less expensive than utilizing blocks and-mortar lawyers, public accountants, and other government works and is more secure, more reliable, and interminably more configurable for on the web and cross-border working. They are focusing on the worldwide $600 billion legal service industry, which they say is ready for a disturbance.

Bitnation trusts market adoption will, in the end, achieve a point where clients can get to a huge number of contending select in Nations and governance benefits, and characterize smart contracts that suit each part of their lives, making, as Tarkowski Tempelhof puts it, “an internet of sovereignty.”


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