How Much Is Your Personal Data Worth?

Actually, big internet companies can’t be trusted to secure buyer protection when their business models boost them to do the inverse. It’s turned out to be progressively certain that an all-inclusive change should be executed.

Enter Opiria – an information and market analysis firm that gives significant tools that enable organizations to make and convey surveys to their clients so as to get feedback on their items. Opiria as of now brags a settled customer base that incorporates different Fortune 500 organizations, however, they have not yet verged on the understanding they’re completely potential.

The greatest barricade in Opiria’s way is the way that purchasers aren’t interested in finishing surveys throughout the day for reasons unknown – they require a motivating force to do as such. To take care of this issue, Opiria has chosen to build up a platform on the Ethereum blockchain that enables buyers TO USE THEIR DATA AS A SOURCE OF PASSIVE INCOME. At the core of this new platform is the PDATA token – a cryptocurrency that represents data’s value and can be utilized by organizations to buy said data straight from purchasers.

With the blockchain-based Opiria platform, consumers have much more security and agency. They can choose with whom to share or offer their own information and get reasonable pay for it consequently, all without trusting an agent. EVEN SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS A PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS CAN BE WORTH AS MUCH AS $80 USD! For what reason should buyers unconsciously give out this data with the expectation of complimentary when they can be paid a fair market value for it?

Enormous data wouldn’t vanish. Actually organizations overall urgently need to comprehend their clients. Opiria estimates that data brokerage is as of now ABOUT A 250 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and will keep expanding in size over the coming years. Sadly, it’s turned out to be typical for data brokers to work attentively and disregard consumer’s security.

To address the issues in the business, governments are presently increasing regulations information protection on the web. The most outstanding amongst other cases is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation which becomes enforceable toward the finish of May and will make it more difficult for data brokers to get to consumers data.

The solution isn’t for data brokers to start utilizing much more legitimately questionable techniques to get consumer data. The solution is a straightforward and decentralized blockchain-based marketplace for the purchase and offer of that significant data. The solution is a protected, globally available platform that wipes out costly and deceitful middlemen. Opiria is the answer for this.

Opiria launched its token presale on April 20. The cost for 1 PDATA token is $0.10 USD. The ICO objective is $35 million USD, and any tokens unsold by May 31 will be scorched. Opiria will launch the system on the Ethereum platform, yet the group is building up the project such that it is blockchain agnostic – implying that it can be effortlessly ported to the different platform. To get more information, visit the project website at


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