Winklevoss Crypto Exchange Embraces NASDAQ Technology

Gemini, the cryptocurrency trade with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss at its head, reported that it had reach an agreement that will allow it to use NASDAQ’s technology to monitor its market platform commencing April 25th, 2018.

According to several media reports, the move is a first for crypto related company to use NASDAQ’s SMARTS Market Surveillance Technology.

“Our deployment of Nasdaq’s SMARTS Market Surveillance will help ensure that Gemini is a rules-based marketplace for all market participants,” Tyler Winklevoss remarked on the partnership.

SMARTS is a technology that “automates the detection, investigation and analysis of potentially abusive or disorderly trading.” NASDAQ’s cutting edge technology is currently being used in 45 markets boasting of more than 140 subscribers.

Not long ago, Gemini moved into extensive scale cryptocurrency volume trade when it announced the commencement of block trading for its clients.

Happening over-the-counter, huge exchanges will be purposely distributed with a ten-minute delay so as to avoid localized instability.

Different over-the-counter exchanges both inside and outside the US are also endeavoring to attract discount dealers.

The New York City based Nasdaq Stock Market is the second biggest stock exchange platform in the wall-only surpassed by its rival, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Nasdaq is the first electronic stock exchange and it began trading in 1971.

Involved in the purchase and resale of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Gemini is a legal digital asset exchange that prides itself as working within sanctioned legal frameworks.



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