Survey Reveals Dismal Blockchain Technology Penetration in US Companies

Not long ago, American research company Gartner conducted a survey on nearly 300 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of big US firms with the aim of finding out the scale of blockchain technology adoption in their companies. The survey concluded that just 1 per cent of business CIOs have enabled blockchain into their organizations.

The survey of 293 CIOs by Gartner sought to find the extent to which blockchain usage was prevalent among US businesses. David Furlonger, Gartner’s Vice President commenting on the survey said that “this year’s Gartner CIO survey provides factual evidence about massively hyped state of blockchain adoption and deployment.”

Furlonger further noted the importance of understanding what the blockchain is and what its current capabilities are and how it is envisaged to transform companies, industries and society tomorrow.

According to data released by the company, up to 77 per cent of CIOs revealed that their companies had absolutely zero interest in adopting blockchain technology  and do not have any intention of adopting it in the future. However, just 8 percent of respondents indicated their interest in planning to adopt the technology or that they have already begun experimenting with the technology.

The survey reveals that only a dismal 1 per cent of CIOs indicated the technologies adoption in their organizations.

Furlonger further pointed out that the challenge for CIOs is not just finding and retaining qualified engineers, but finding enough to accommodate growth in resources as blockchain developments grow. He noted that qualified engineers may be cautious due to the historically libertarian and maverick nature of the tech developer community.

Commenting further on the future of the blockchain technology, Furlonger said: “How quickly different industry players navigate the trough of disillusionment will be as much about the psychological acceptance of the innovations that it brings as the technology itself.”

With the firms utilizing blockchain technology, up to 13 per cent assume that a complete restructuring of IT departments would be the only way to help bring wider appeal to the blockchain, while 14 percent expressed concerns that it would have a big impact in the operation of companies.

Up to 23 percent of those surveyed believes that the technology requires a lot of new skills to properly utilize, while 18 percent held the view that not many people have mastered this tech and therefore believe that it is hard to find potential employees to manage it.


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