Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Is Making A Cryptocurrency

President Donald Trump’s ex-chief strategist and advisor Steve Bannon recently announced his plans of launching his own cryptocurrency.


Speaking to CNBC, Bannon commented by saying “they’re the future,” adding that “we’re working on some tokens now, utility tokens, potentially, for the populist movement on a worldwide basis.”


Back in June of this year, Bannon gave us a hint into what he was doing but was still reluctant to provide all the details, according to the New York Times.


“He did contemplate naming his token the ‘deplorable coin’ at the time, referencing a term used by former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hilary Clinton to describe Trump’s supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign,” cited Coindesk.


It was this Tuesday that we get to hear more from his cryptocurrency plans stating “I think these cryptocurrencies have a huge aspect in the future. Obviously, there are problems in the markets, problems about what it’s used for.”


He also added most of these current cryptocurrencies have issues one way or the other, and that he has plans to make his a “quality.”


Bannon additionally remarked on a couple of different cryptocurrencies in the business sectors as of now, saying, “I like bitcoin. I own Bitcoin,” but saying he does not own ether.



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