Coinbase Adds Info On Top 50 Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase has declared it began trying different things with new routes for clients to explore and see the top 50 digital currencies by market cap . A few customers would now be able to see historic trading information, current market cap, a description of the asset, and links to important white papers and projects.

The company needs to test different formats and sorts of data to display. It stresses that these new asset pages, a large portion of which covering coins not available to trade on the exchange, don’t imply that Coinbase means to help a particular asset later on.

The Coinbase team clarify that:

“It’s no secret that many consumers feel overwhelmed when trying to research and learn about cryptocurrencies. We’ve heard from our customers that they are always looking for trusted sources of information and, as one of the world’s leading exchanges, we’re committed to offering educational resources that help them navigate the world of cryptocurrency.”


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