Blockchain Might Not Improve Voting

Three researchers with the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3) are contemplating as to whether blockchain technology will make the internet voting sector any better.

The researchers debated that although blockchain technology might serve to change other industries, it might not be the case for internet voting and might even harm it.

The scholars began by recognizing that they understand why blockchain technology is being termed as an alternative to enhance internet voting. It is certain that the cryptocurrency world has gained billions of dollars for legal reasons and that has certain potential to change everything from the global payments sector to logistics, to retail, to land ownership rights, including other sectors.

The undeniable nature of blockchain implies that one would naturally regard the fact that voting might have fewer scams if the technology is adopted. But, the three scholars argue that the basic problems with internet voting cannot be solved, even by blockchain.

Although voting from a smartphone looks like a logical technological progress, many cybersecurity professionals have mentioned that it’s far too complicated than it seems. Even though online voting might be more convenient to more participants, many in the cybersecurity world have a similar conclusion as Ron Rivest, a professor at MIT and board member of Verified Voting. He noted, “Voting is too important to put online.”

Blockchain technology is regarded to be very secure, but the scholars recognize that this does not imply that most hardware and software are not vulnerable, with regards to security.


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