Introducing “Real” An App That Seeks To End The Conventional Real Estate Brokerage Model

A career real estate agent based in Atlanta, Janie Slater has been in the business since 1994, selling properties in North Atlanta until one day she decided that working for a broker was not worth the trouble.

Janie became an exclusive realtor for Real, an app that helps agents to function as their own bosses by being more independent as opposed to the conventional brokerage model. Real basically provides free leads with zero referral fees. Agents who sign up for Real are connected to a virtual platform that helps them with online marketing, accounting, search the MLS and even do their accounting.

Real agents work as independent contractors and get an 85/15 % split much is more attractive than the conventional 70/30 split between agents and brokerages. Janie says since signing as an independent contractor with Real, she has gotten a steady flow of leads and is making more money.

CEO and Founder Tamir Poleg says the app is unique in the sense that it is different from apps that seek to help real estate agents under the conventional brokerage model operate more efficiently within their brokerages like “Compass” for example. Real is essentially a technology company operating within the real estate industry that seeks to make clients out of independent sales agents.

The app and network allows agents to work more independently, on their own time with 24hr support he said.

He foresees great scalability prospects for the Real app, considering that the costs of acquiring a new agent can be covered in three months. The app is used in 12 states across the US with about 250 agents as clients. CEO Poleg predicts the app will draw 1000 agents by the end of 2016.


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