Five Home Gardening Tips To Increase Home Value: Do Not Sleep On Tip No. 3

Your home’s worth is not only lifted by interior improvements.  An additional way of increasing your home’s value is by improving your landscape.  Below are seven tips to make the outside of your home sharper.

#1. Maintain Your Lawn

The tendency of holding back weekly landscaping tasks should be avoided. Holding back can ruin your landscaping.  You will have to hire a landscaper to fix the mess.  Your yard can be kept intact in so many ways without spending so much time everyday doing it. Ways in which you can frequently manage your landscape are below.

  • MOW THE LAWN: cutting the grass too short could make it die, letting it grow too long can spoil the beauty of your home exterior so it should be between ½ and ¾ inches high.
  • PICK UP BROKEN BRANCHES: Another way of making your front yard look clean is by culling the branches of tress if you have them on your front yard and then picking up the pieces.
  • TRIM OVERGROWN SHRUBBERY: all the excess branches should be trimmed and kept short and thin.
  • TRIM IVY AWAY FROM WINDOWS AND DOORWAYS: if you have wall ivy, it should be trimmed properly. Future owners would want to be able to view outside the windows and not also battle to get in the door.
  • WEED THE GARDENS: Ensure that you remove the weeds or apply weed killer to prevent more from growing later.

#2. Define Your Lawn

You should define your lawn by edging your lawn’s perimeter. Use a sharp-edged spade to differentiate your lawn from the sidewalks, fences and gardens.  Budget and time spent on the landscape are the only things that can limit your options.

#3. Redesign Your Flower Bed

A major selling point is the design of your flower bed. So get creative, redesign them, if you have weeds growing, and cut them. Dead flowers should be fixed. Potential buyers may not like the sight of a crowded garden. Your flower beds should be charming.

#4. Spruce Up Your Flowerbed

A lot of materials can be considered as mulch such as leaves or small pieces of wood. You can just spread some over your garden to protect the plants or help them grow and to stop weeds from growing. Ensure that you spread some mulch all over the garden for uniformity.

#5. A Touch Of Color

Be careful not to go overboard, making your porch deck doesn’t turn into a jungle. Buy a decorative planter; keep some near your front door to portray a welcoming appearance. You can keep any type, tall, high or short plants collected in a pot.

Prior to putting your house up for sale, take more time to arrange your landscaping. A well organized landscape gives the appearance of less work for potential buyers.


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