5 Common Landscaping Mistakes That Can Cost You Real Big

A lot of people derive pleasure in landscaping their yards and gardens during the spring and summer months. Taking care of an attractively landscaped yard can be a profitable task for a lot of people. It can also be quite expensive if you are not cautious. There are many expenses involved in maintaining the health and looks of a landscaped yard ranging from the cost of design to upkeep and maintenance.

Below are five common made mistakes in landscaping that can cost you big time.

#1. Always have a plan and don’t go overboard.

Before you set out for a landscaping adventure, remember to always have a plan. One of the greatest financial mistakes is handling the task of yard landscaping without a good plan in other to avoid being surprised at the local supply store.

Price flowers and plants very well. Visit other shops, compare their qualities and prices, then you can now settle for the best that suits your budget and taste.

#2. Planting trees in tight places.

Another mistake a lot of people make in landscaping is planting trees or flowers in tight spaces. This could really cost you a lot later even if it looks okay at first. When they begin to grow, you could be in for a little bad shock. The tree roots could cause havoc like interfering with other roots and could ruin formerly neat sheets of pavement. You may now have to pay for repairs or you may have to hire a tree removal service which is going to cost you. Before planting a tree or bush, make sure that you create enough space for your plants to mature properly.

#3. Beware of invasive plants.

Invasive plants are plants that are non-native or alien to the ecosystem and are capable of causing harm- for example, plants such as purple loosestrife and bittersweet vines. Well, to avoid paying for the removal of the damage, just beware of them.

#4. Consider your climatic situation and season.

Some plants are easier to maintain in a specific season or climate. Always go for the best that wouldn’t cost you a lot to groom in every season. You may have admired one particular plant at the nursery, but always have climate and season in mind. Look out for flowers and trees that are best for your climate.

#5. Maintenance costs should not be ignored.

When selecting the design and plants for your garden, you should never forget about the maintenance costs. Do your research very well as maintaining a beautifully landscaped garden can be difficult and expensive if you have a large garden with high-maintenance plants. So do your own little research about the maintenance costs associated with your design and plants you plan to use.


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