Great Tips On How To Deal With Bad Tenants

As a landlord you have enough to deal with and having a bad tenant can just be a nightmare, literally. Whether you are an experienced landlord or you are just getting to be one, it is most likely going to be the case that you have to deal with a bad tenant and you should be prepared for the worst. Eviction on the other hand should be the last resort if every other option fails because it is not profitable for you as a landlord. If you find yourself in such a predication, here are some simple tips on how to deal with the most common landlord-tenant problems

#1.Tenant fails to pay rent

Payment of rent can be obstructed by numerous things such as cash shortage, unemployment, repair or maintenance not satisfied or just the tenant deliberately not paying at all.

To prevent such an eventuality from occurring, communication can play a great role. Speaking with the tenant about what’s withholding them from paying can be of good use. By talking and negotiating with a tenant you will be able to suggest ways to receive payment by perhaps in installments or even changing the living arrangement to a smaller unit they can afford or have to share with a flat mate. If an agreement is not reached then advice them to leave on there own to avoid being evicted.

#2. Bad tenants slide through your screening process

Tenants who lack good characteristics have a perfect way to hide there faults in a way that it can be difficult for you as a landlord to detect if thorough screening is not done.

It is best to do all you can as a landlord to do an all round check on a potential tenants background and rental history. You should also conduct interviews, and find out why they left their previous rental home. If possible contact previous landlords to find out why they left but make sure you hear both sides of the story because as much as there are bad tenants out there, there are bad landlords as well.

#3. Regularly disrupts the neighbors

Some tenants just have a lifestyle that will be a nuisance to neighbors. For example having loud parties or not controlling their pets.

Make it clear in the rental agreement that they are supposed to keep the peace with their neighbors, however if a dispute occurs, it is best to take an impartial matter and try to solve the issue. Most times it is better to let them deal with the problems themselves but you should step in when things appear to be getting out hand.

#4. Property damage

Bad tenants have the tendency to damage your property. It is really frustrating but that is why you should have your property insured for such situations. Before renting out your property it is best to take pictures and ensure that it the date and time is recorded so that you will have solid proof in court if it comes to that.

Having a good relationship with a tenant is necessary to ensure a longer stay but if things are not really working out then consult your lawyer to know if its time to get your tenants packing.


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