Recognizing A Bad Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are thought to be shady and a total waste of money by most people. Although there are many bad real estate agents, there are also great ones. However, hiring a realtor might be a bit expensive for a lot of people so therefore, it is important that you make sure you aren’t throwing away your money by hiring a bad one.

Some characteristics of bad real estate agent include:

#1.They don’t communicate

Bad real estate agents would stop calling, as well as stop communicating as soon as they believe they have been hired. They usually don’t call to tell you what’s happening and tend to leave their customers in the dark. You knowing about what is happening is important as it helps you make the best possible decisions or changes as well as makes it hard for you to get cheated.

#2. They price inappropriately

A bad real estate agent would not take time to find out the market value of your house before suggesting a sales price. What they do is give you a price that they believe would excite you. Therefore, if that agent decides to give you a price without telling you why or discussing the market value of your house with you, beware. This is because you lose potential customers if the house is overpriced and lose money if it’s under-priced.

#3. They push their ideas

It is never alright for a real estate agent to pressure you into taking a decision you are not comfortable with. Bad real estate agents do not care about your views or the information you have for them. They are only concerned with getting paid, therefore try to push the customer into making decisions that will help them achieve this.

#4. They are uninvolved

If your real estate agent is not concerned about your questions, about repairs and what’s going on, he/she is not a good real estate agent. A good real estate agent will be as involved as possible in every aspect of the job.

#5. They don’t follow up

Bad real estate agents stop caring as soon as they receive their commission. They don’t call to find out if you had any misunderstanding or problems after the papers were signed and also do not pick up your calls when they have been paid.


Whilst using a real estate agent can prevent you from having to deal with different issues, getting a bad real estate agent will only end in heartache and dissatisfaction. It is important that you try to make sure the agent you get is actually worth the commission you are paying. Remember, the reviews and recommendations of people who have used that Real Estate agent can also be used as a guide whilst evaluating that agent. In addition, never forget that although a bad real estate agent might sell a house as fast as possible but a good real estate agent sells the house for as much money as possible.


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