How To Spot The Problems Home Sellers Try To Hide

There are certain problems that just can’t be swept under the carpet because they have to be dealt with. Home buyers have a lot of tricks to hide problems associated with their property and if you are not mindful you will get to find out when it’s too late.

To be on the safe side, check out some of these tips on how to discover the things that landlord or homeowner is trying to hide from you.

#1. Water damage

Water stain marks are not only unattractive; it is also a sign of leaks which shows that there is water damage somewhere in the house.  It is easy for sellers to hide water marks with large decorations or in most cases with a new coat of paint. That is why when buying a house; you can ask a seller to move paintings aside so you can see what is behind them. You can also ask when last they painted, if it is a year ago, it means they have nothing to hide.

#2. A shaky foundation

If you enter a house that the paint is uneven around the door frames or windows, it is most likely because of poor foundation. Cracks in the wall an also signify a problem in the foundation.  If you also feel you are going up and down when walking through the house, it is also a sign of a shaky foundation.

#3. Problem neighbors

Barking dogs, noisy children and so on can be a great turn off for most buyers. A seller should be able to tell you about any disturbances from the neighborhood that will most definitely affect you. But some sellers conceal these facts from buyers so that there houses will get sold out.

They even have perfect timing on when they show the property to buyers. They will most of the time open the house when the neighbors are not around, kids have gone to school etc. to find out if a seller is being honest, take a walk around the neighborhood alone and even ask questions from the neighbors if possible.

#4. Weird temperature changes

Different room temperatures in a house can make you avoid a room completely because of the inconvenience. If this occurs in a house you want to buy it has different reasons which might include an addition of rooms or floors by the seller without a permit to do so. You can easily get to know by entering all the rooms available in the house and see if they have uniform temperature.


Sellers do everything possible to sell their properties even if the house has faults. They go all out to conceal such faults at the expense of the buyers. Therefore if you don’t want to fall a victim of such situations, have a wide eye when looking for a house for any possible sign that is out of the ordinary.


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