Questions To Ask Neighbors Before Buying A House

Buying a house in a new neighborhood that you want to settle in should be done with complete care. After seeing the house and asked various questions from the seller, it will be in your favor if you cross check all the details by taking a tour around the neighborhood, asking questions along the way. Often neighbors are a great source of information about the people that live around them. Here are important questions that you can ask the neighbors when buying a house.

#1. Get to know about the home

Even though the owner might have given you information about the house, in most cases some neighbors tend to know vital details about a house that the owner may overlook especially if the neighbors had been around before the owner of the house bought it in the past. They will also be able to tell you about previous tenants, the history of the house and other vital information the owner might have left out. Neighbors can also let you know if any serious accident or incident had occurred in the past that you may wish to know.

#2. Find out about what happens in the area

Who best to tell you about a place than those who live there? Ask neighbors about the various amenities available, if parking spaces are shared by all, any school bus services or kids, and most importantly any shared custom of the area. Also check if the neighbors are friendly and caring so that you can know if you can rely on them.

#3. Ask if the area is child friendly

For people that have kids, it is important to know how the neighborhood will affect your child’s upbringing. Ask about the crime rate, schools, safety measures etc because the neighborhood has a great impact in socializing the child. Also see if there are child friendly services available for kids like babysitting services, play grounds, parks and so on.

#4. Evaluate your feedback

After going around the neighborhood observing and asking questions, evaluate all feedbacks you have gathered. Were you comfortable with what you saw? Were the people friendly? Did they answer your questions politely? Were they honest about there information? Weigh all of these thoughts wisely before making any decision.

You might think it is a waste of time and energy to go around the neighborhood asking questions after all the owner has told you all about the house. You won’t realize your mistake until you move into the house and find out that you cannot sleep at night because of gun shots, barking dogs or noisy neighbors. To be on the safe side, get to know the communities you want to live in before you close the deal.


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