The Colors That Help (And Hurt) Your Home’s Selling Potential

When decorating a house, most home owners make the mistake of focusing on their personal tastes. One of the most apparent ways this shows is the colors and themes they choose to redecorate.

Granted we cannot altogether completely divorce ourselves from our tastes and preferences to certain extent however, trying as much as possible to avoid personalizing your home too much can go a long way in helping you sell your house. In this article we are going to show you just how to do that by using the right colors.

#1. Avoid these colors

Orange, black and violet are colors you should avoid when painting your house. Orange is considered to be too loud and overpowering for most buyers. Black and violet are too dark which can make the house look smaller and dull. They can basically suck out the joy from your life.

#2. Don’t over saturate your interior

When it comes to painting the interior of a house it is best to have colors in the living room, bathroom and kitchen while the rest of the house should have a lighter shade of color. Also be mindful to use neutral colors that buyers can easily change if they want to have there own choice.

#3. Think accent, not statement

When painting your home for sale it will be in your best interest to leave large surfaces like the ceiling, living area and walls neutral. Painting these areas with a color of your choice will make potential buyers lack interest in the house because they might not share your choice of color.

#4. Go bold outside

Other than painting the exterior of you house white, your personality can work on the outside. A touch of color in the front of the house can be very welcoming for buyers. You can mark your territory on the outside while leaving the inside for the potential buyer to make that decision.

#5. Feeling blue is a good thing

When it comes to interior design, blue seems to be loved by most buyers. Next to blue is also green which gives the house the perfect pop of colors it needs to make it awesome.


So whether you are planning on selling now or in the future, consider the consequences of your choice of color. The color of the house can make it look beautiful or disastrous. So be ready to repaint your house when putting it up for sale if you had turn the house in a rainbow.


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