Sure Signs That Your House Is Embarrassingly Outdated

Keeping your house up to date especially if you want to sell it is very important. You do not have to design the house as a doll house before you realize that it lacks taste. Trends are constantly changing and it will only help you to keep with the times when it comes to selling your property. We have pulled together some signs that show that your house needs to be updated.

#1. Carpet in the bathrooms

There is nothing that can make your house look more ancient than using carpet in the bathroom. It is even worse when the bathroom gives off the smell of a damp carpet. The era of carpets are long gone you should go with tiles instead. You can give your bathroom a fresh look by putting lovely tiles on the floor.

#2. Linoleum floor

A house with linoleum can even make buyers laugh when the come into your house. Not only is it outdated, it also looks cheap no matter the quality. So save your taste of style from embarrassment by getting rid of all wall to wall linoleum. A splash of sparkling tile will be more pleasing to the eyes of buyers.

#3. Bright color paints

The age of bright painting the interior of your house is over now. Having a bright color paint in your house might be a turn off for buyers. It is best to have a neutral paint color so that the person buying the house might easily live in the house without having to change the paint or change it to the color they want.

#4. Plain kitchen appliances

Having all of your kitchen appliances in white might look nice to you but to others, it makes the kitchen to look bland and outdated. White colored appliances like the oven or fridge especially in the kitchen are hard to maintain and will look old with wear and tear. A mixture of colors on the other hand will have your kitchen looking warm and welcoming.

#5. Furnishing

The kind of furniture you use in the house goes a long way to show that you had not been up to date with the headlines on trendy furniture’s available. Having ancient furnishing will have your house looking like a museum rather that a house people want to live in.


After all, everything goes out of style eventually so it won’t hurt if you do little changes to your house. To play safe, neutral is the beat way to ensure that your house stays with the times.


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