3 Reasons Why You Should Only Go With A Trusted Home Inspector

Home inspectors have the responsibility to look through a building before it gets sold, to make seller’s or buyer’s aware of structural defects, as well as make recommendations for repairs that would help put your home into good shape. Home inspectors are important because they help you complete transactions armed with the knowledge of the true condition of the home you wish to purchase or sell.

Unfortunately, in a place like Canada where home inspection is not adequately regulated, there has been an influx of bad and unqualified home inspectors.  Although these home inspectors are most times cheaper than their better qualified counterparts, we strongly advise that you keep a wide berth. Here’s why:

#1. Waste of time and money

A home inspector that doesn’t know what their doing is going to be a waste of your time and money. Although you will pay them considerably less, they can cost you the sale of your home, and future repairs that could have easily been avoided. In addition, all the time you spent throughout the process would also end up wasted.

Bad inspectors sometimes suggest the wrong things, give wrong recommendations and sometimes see faults where there are none, and end up pushing you make repairs that are either unneeded or even possibly harmful.

#2. Future regrets

There is nothing worse than having a new home develop faults that make you uncomfortable, or cost a whole lot to fix. Hiring a cheap but unqualified home inspector is very likely to land you in a bed of regrets in the future.

#3. Problems with the Law

As a home seller it is important that you tell your buyer upfront about whatever structural defects the home you hope to sell has. Having a bad or poorly qualified home inspector increases your chances of missing these structural defects, which means you are likely to give potential buyers incorrect information, possibly leaving yourself exposed to legal trouble.


Getting a cheaper but less qualified or less knowledgeable home inspector is not the best way to save money. This is simply because it might cost more money than it saves, in the long run, and increases the risk of problems that could otherwise have been averted.


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