Marketing Problems Small Businesses Need To Watch Out For

Proper marketing although sometimes expensive, is a necessity for the growth of all business organizations, but more importantly for small and start-up businesses. Having a marketing strategy fail is a frustrating experience no business owner or marketer wants to experience, especially those who don’t have excess funds to throw away on numerous trial and error marketing campaigns.

Knowing the marketing problems you might encounter is an important step towards overcoming those problems, because having knowledge about your problems will help you develop the right strategies to overcome them. When making your marketing plan, here are some issues to watch out for:

#1. Lack of growth

An important problem to watch out for is a lack of growth. Failure to grow your business despite your marketing strategies is a significant problem of its own; but one very important thing that is often overlooked is personal growth in terms of knowledge and skills. If you are not actively learning or discovering new ways to meet your customers needs, or learning from your previous marketing mistakes, you are sure to end up making big mistakes, lagging behind and wasting money on strategies that won’t work.

It is therefore very important that you make a conscious effort to widen your horizons and learn as much as you can from others and from yourself. There is always something new to learn in marketing because the learning is never ending.

#2. Procrastination

Another important marketing problem that leads to failed market strategies is procrastination. Timing is very important in marketing because some strategies work better at particular periods and are more likely to fail at other periods.

Procrastination doesn’t just end up making you implement strategies later than you were meant to, it also makes you end up losing special time windows which could have been the difference between success and failure.

#3. Wrong target

Marketing efforts targeted at the wrong target segment is a problem many marketers and owners of small businesses sometimes overlook. It is important to always keep in mind that the available market is not always the right market for your strategy. Hence, finding the right target market is a very important step towards success in marketing.


Your approach to marketing and the level of your knowledge, measured against those things that have the ability to make your marketing strategy fail, can be an indicator of whether or not you would be able to overcome these problems and achieve success at growing your business.


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