Tips On Hiring A Professional Land Surveyor

Property owners often make their decision based on one factor; price. This one factor leads them blindly away from other factors, which leads to dissatisfaction with the choice they made and sometimes an inadequate land survey. Your land is too valuable to not hire a professional. These following tips will aid any property owner to hire the right professional land surveyor to assess your land, for value and quality.

#1. Is the person licensed to perform land surveying services?

Professional land surveyors must be licensed by the state they offer their services in, that is a requirement. If the person you hire is not qualified to survey in your province then you are basically wasting your money and your “professional land surveyor” is breaking the law. Contact your province’s licensing board and confirm that your professional land surveyor is licensed if you have any.

#2. Does the person have Professional Liability Insurance?

This insurance will protect you if a mistake is made by the land surveyor. In their professional capabilities, even professional land surveyors can be negligent.

#3. Does the person have Workers Compensation Insurance?

If your province requires this insurance, ensure that whoever you hire has this insurance and is in compliance with the law of the law.

#4. Is this person experienced in performing the services you need?

Hire only someone who is experienced to survey your land. If a professional land surveyor is needed for construction layout and the person you want to hire is mainly specialized in boundary dispute, hire someone else that is experienced with construction layout. Get to know details like how long the person has been employed as a professional land surveyor.

#5. Does the person have a professional demeanor?

It is a lot easier to work with someone that is professional, note their appearance for example, how they interact with you and if the person is neat and organized. This shows how much respect they have for their job and clients. It is likely if they are unprofessional that they will be too as they survey your land.

#6. Does the person pursue continuing education?

The person you decide to hire should be well informed and must value continuing education in order to stay abreast of technological and professional advancements.

#7. Ask for a written contract

A written contract should be provided of what services are being provides and how much you will be charged for it. Ask and note when payment is due, some have different payment methods.

#8. Use of modern equipment?

The land surveying industry has access to technology advancements and techniques. Hire someone that is ready to invest in advanced technologies if they haven’t already, to save you costs and give you improved work, you probably would not know about technologies relating to land surveying but ask if they use AutoCAD Civil 3D.

#9. What is set at your property corners?

You hire a professional land surveyor to outline and determine the extent of your land but the property corners need to be marked so you know this. Also, ensure the markers are sufficiently visible and durable such as iron rods or pipes.

#10. Will they walk the property with you?

It is important that your professional land surveyor goes around the land with you to point out the monuments and markers that mark your property corner.


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