5 Tips For Improving Productivity

A very common excuse with individuals involved in business is that 24 hours is not enough time to do everything that needs to be done. As much as this isn’t completely untrue, there are still other people who manage to be more productive with the same 24 hours and you can learn a few simple tricks to help you reach this level of productivity too.

#1. Sleep more

This is obviously one thing that cannot be escaped from, but how much or how less you sleep will tell a lot on your success and productivity. Lack of sleep leads to exhaustion, which in turn can affect your thoughts and how you go about your daily business. Also, some health complications can be derived from the lack of sufficient sleep.

You might think you have so much to do and sleeping for long hours is just not it; this is quite reasonable, but not right. To work smarter and have clearer thoughts, it’s advisable to sleep more and relax your brain.

#2. Eliminate distractions

If you get distracted too often, you will likely not meet up with your goals in a timely manner. Try to eliminate whatever things may be distracting you. If you work in an office and you’ve realized that one or two colleagues delight in coming to you to ask questions, or always have something to say, you could go over to their tables as soon as you resume work, and let them know you wouldn’t like to see anyone for a particular period of time. That way, you can reach your targets and goals on time.

Also, close any unnecessary tabs on your system. Place your phone on silent mode or switch it off if you need nothing important from it. If you learn to cut out distractions, you’ll discover you can do so much more.

#3. Let music boost your productivity

So far, studies have shown music to have positive effects on workers productivity. In this case, its best to listen to music with your headphones on as background music in the office is likely to reduce your productivity and will likely distract you instead.

Music has the tendency to increase overall creativity, arithmetic performance, and problem solving ability, but that also depends on the kind of music you listen to. Slow, soft music, will be preferable.

#4. Quit multi-tasking

It is quite reasonable to try to do more than one thing at a time, in order to get work done on time. It isn’t a bad idea but it is also not quite advisable. With multitasking, chances are that you will end up not being as productive as you should be. A better approach might be to break tasks into bite-sized pieces and focus on executing them rapidly.

#5. Say no to meetings

This isn’t saying you should totally cut out all meetings, but some meetings are actually not going to be worth it. Also, if it is possible to have a meeting online, don’t waste time travelling long distances instead.


Many small business owners spend long hours working hard but not being very productive. You can always improve your productivity and work performance, by using these simple tips we’ve shown you in this article.


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