5 Tips For A Successful Open House

An open house is an event where the doors of a house are opened to the general public to allow people to have a look around in order to get information about a property in the market.

Okay, now you are planning an open house event to sell your home but how do you ensure that the right people come for it? You’ve probably done everything there is to do because you know all the basics. You’ve cleaned everywhere; you’ve also cleared the counters and ditched the clutter. Now, when it comes to making the event a great success you don’t know much about it.

Here are some few tips for making your event successful.

#1. Make good use of technology

Well, technology has made a lot of things easier, like marketing. Ensure that your agent uses the newest technology to market your house. Your open house can be advertised on a lot of popular real estate sites, such as Realtor.com or Zillow.com. It could also be advertised on portals like Yahoo, Facebook, and Google. You need a very good presentation online because most buyers start their searches online. Post a good number of quality pictures of the house that really shows the house well.

#2. Place a sign board

That “For Sale” sign or “Open House” sign should be updated a week before the main event.

#3. Always remember your neighbors

According to some real estate agents, the most important sales people for a house are your neighbors. Even though you may not want people nosing through your environment but the best people to advertise the open house day to are your neighbors. They may want their friends to move into the neighborhood with them so inviting them is not such a bad idea. Send invitations and fliers out to them. You can use other means such as the social media.

#4. Take down anything that is controversial

This might sound weird but it’s true. Anything controversial should be taken down. Like an animal head on the wall, or a photo of you with a polarizing politico. You can just take it down for a while. A blank space helps potential buyers picture themselves in the house so anything personal should be removed for that particular time.

Lastly, you may want to set some few ground rules before the big day. It is possible that you won’t be there and you are letting strangers into your home so feel free to set the rules. Rules such as everyone signs in and out, no one uses the bathroom, and nothing should be taken out of the medicine cabinets. These rules can be considered. Lock up anything that might tempt sticky fingers.


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