Some Common Home Improvement Misconceptions

You have already made a wise decision by buying a property and then putting it up for sale again to generate more investment. Yet several major challenges are involved in selling a house. Everyone has knows you can greatly increase your property’s value when you renovate and improve before sale but this is not a sure thing. Here are some common myths people have about home improvements.

Renovations add value to the house

Making a few valuable changes here and there to the house can be a great way to attract buyers to the house but do they really add value to the house? This might not be the case for most sellers. On the other hand, renovations more or less add more to your expenses as a seller that you have no guarantee of getting back. Renovation does not equal added value. Other factors come to play when it comes to the values of the house like location, neighborhood, proximity to amenities etc.

Expensive materials attracts buyers

Even though expensive household décor might have some influence on attracting prospective buyers, it also points out more expenditure to buyers. Further more, expensive materials do not change the fact that the house is poorly located or has certain flaws. Over- improving a house can make buyers reject their offer and look for another affordable house.

Neutral paints are the best

Yes it can be good to play things safe by painting the house in a neutral color so that the house can be appealing to various buyers. But this strategy does not work in all cases. Some buyers want to have a unique and different feel in a house which makes your choice of neutrality look bland. To avoid such situations, it is best to seek the advice of a professional painter to help you pick a suitable unique paint for your house.

The exterior is less important as compared to the interior

This can be one of the worst mistakes sellers make when improving their properties.
Before any buyer gets to take a look at the interior of a house, they most definitely have to pass through the exterior first. If the exterior is not looking up to the standard, just imagine the thought that goes through the minds of buyers. First impression counts a lot in affecting the sale of your house.

Save more money on DIY jobs

It is a really good idea to save money on things that you know how to do. But how well can you do things? Changing few bulbs here and there, painting or even plumbing might be things you manage doing yourself but when doing renovations for the sale of your house, it is best to leave such things to the experts. You might end up spending more in the end when your DIY adventure goes totally wrong.


When doing improvements for the sale of your house, a seller should seek the advice of professional that will give objective advice on how things should be done. Therefore as a seller, you would do well to separate myths from facts.


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