Things Tenants Don’t Tell Landlords

Having the right kind of tenant is the dream of every landlord that wants a good investment deal. But even good tenants have their own flaws. Despite a good landlord-tenant relationship, there are certain things that renters will never tell you. As a landlord, you are supposed to be on top of every situation and having tenants hide things from you is not such a good idea. Some tenants withhold certain information from the landlord because they may not know what reaction to expect. In this article, you get to find out some of the most common information tenants tend to hide from landlords.

#1.I Need Repairs Done

Repairs are also expected to be had in a house once it is occupied. In some cases when tenants are the culprit of the damage, they tend to hide such a situation from the landlord. Tenants only report damages if it affects their day to day life and if not; they wait till there is no other way out before reporting it. Some might even try to solve the situation with the aim of reducing stress on the landlord, but if the DIY job doesn’t go as planned the situation will only worsen. Regardless of any damage, tenants should be able to communicate any repair that needs to be done, to prevent any further damage.

#2. I Have Habits That May Make It Difficult To Live With Some People

After doing a strict screening process to select the best tenants, landlords do not have any guarantee of how tenants will behave once they come to the house. Tenants do not inform landlords if they have “alternative” habits. Some people are different from others. For instance, some people are nocturnal in nature, do not associate with other tenants etc. this is one fact that tenants in most cases hide from landlords.

#3.I Do Not Clean

Unless you do inspections frequently, some tenants avoid cleaning at all cost. The condition of the kitchen and bathroom can be a telltale sign of how well tenants take care of the house. Some tenants do not clean the house until they are ready to move out of the house. Emptying of the trash can also be a huge problem for  such tenants also.

#4. I Will Violate The Lease

Before renting the house to any tenant, a lease should be signed by the tenant and landlord. It states what and what not should be done with the property. Most landlords prohibit pets, smoking, and parties in their properties. But some tenants violate the lease in some cases and will never inform the landlord. Some tenants will smoke in their bathrooms or even have a pet without the knowledge of the landlord.

#5.The Rent Is Too Much

Even though tenants may have to sign a lease stating agreement to all the rules contained, some might still feel that the rent is high. Some do not discuss this with the landlord for fear of the rejection. As tenants, you can communicate this in a respectful manner with the landlord so that you may be able to negotiate on payments.


As a landlord to prevent the situation of tenants hiding things from you, it is preferable to have a good relationship with them. Furthermore, landlords should do inspections from time to time so that they will be aware of what is going on in their property.


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