Things Good Tenants Hate

Real estate has its ups and downsides and that includes the people in it. There are tenants that will make you wish you had not rented out to them and of course, there are the good ones.

However, keeping a good tenant means avoiding doing certain things that will send them packing. So here are a few things that good tenants hate.

#1. Noise Disturbances

Good tenants hate being disturbed especially by neighbors, and by their landlords too. They enjoy their peace and quiet more than anything. So if there is any activity that is going on in the area that is annoying or unsavory, then work with the owners of the properties to sort it out.

#2. Visiting Without Notice

Before visiting the tenants, a notification has to be put forward to the tenant stating the time of visit. Only contact tenants when you need something from them or have a legitimate issue that concerns them. In case someone else is disturbing your tenant, landlords are liable to take care of it. Give tenants their privacy, especially when they’ve earned it.

#3. Maintenance Issues

While you expect your renters to pay you on time, they expect you to keep your word. If you promise to send someone over to take care of a maintenance issue, follow through! Failing to take care of repairs promptly and predictably will absolutely drive great renters to seek other housing opportunities. They need an established protocol around how to proceed in addressing different issues, along with specific instructions with regard to repairs that can be organised on your behalf if you happen to be unreachable in an emergency. While it can seem a bit laborious to develop protocol for so many different potential problems, it’s a wise thing to do. It helps tenants feel in control and may save you some time and money in the long run.

#3. Feeling Unsafe

It is the obligation of landlords to provide a safe environment for the tenants. He/she is liable to keep watch on the neighborhood and inform the tenant in case of any chance of threats. Tenants want to feel safe. In fact, tenants will pay a premium just for the feeling of extra security.

#4. Structural Problems

Another issue is hazardous structural situations which include such things as loose railings, obvious electrical problems, unsafe swimming pools, and unprotected and unfenced drop-offs. All of these are under the control of the landlord. If you aren’t sensitive to this, you’ll ruin a lot of otherwise healthy relationships. Good tenants have a right to expect that their homes will be safe. Some of the ways you can create a safe environment for tenants include installing a security system, giving tenants your phone number and asking the police to regularly patrol the neighborhood.

#5. Not Being Appreciated

Just like you enjoy being appreciated, tenants like to know they’re cared for. Anytime you have a good tenant, you need to thank them for being responsible and attentive. This increases the likelihood that they’ll continue to be a good tenant in the future. On the contrary, if they feel unappreciated, they may get lazy and start looking out for themselves. Little touches of thoughtfulness will go a long way in communicating that you care. A phone call to check in, or a holiday greeting card can really make a lasting impression. If they never hear from you, they may get the impression you don’t care. Some people are perfectly ok with a “strictly business” relationship with their landlords, but some may prefer a less formal relationship, and without it, they will be thinking about moving on sooner than you think.


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