The Best Real Estate Hotspots In Toronto

Homes on the north and west parts of Toronto are of high quality but to have the best real estate deal, going to the other side of town might be the best idea.
The hottest homes in Toronto can only be found in the east side where they have become the trend setters.

The rate at which homes in the east side have been going makes it the best place for investors to venture in. Data shown by the Toronto Real Estate Board proves that real estate is indeed taking a positive turn in the east. Classic properties are available in this area which erases the problem of having properties being on the market for a long period of time.
Not far behind in sales are properties on the south-end which are not backing down.
Unfortunately, even though the home prices have been on a level playground, sales have been on a slight decrease.

Prices of homes in Toronto in 2005 were at $341,450 in contrast to that of 2015 which was at $643,145.
Comparing the figures, the prices of both years vary but in 2005, properties were sold at a faster rate than in 2015. This situation was felt right across the real estate industry but one of the few areas that had little trouble with this situation were the surroundings around the Annex, Casa Loma and Wychwood.

With the growing population of Toronto, it is no wonder that there are more people needing homes while there are fewer houses available to cater for the needs of every buyer hence a rapid sale of homes.
An investor in Toronto said “I think its basic supply and demand. Good inventory is at a premium.”

This however is a welcoming situation for investors who had previously bought houses at an affordable price. More profits will be attained as the demand for properties is on the increase and this scenario will continue to blossom as the population continues to grow.
“We have seen higher prices and even bidding wars, because it’s about supply,” said a real estate agent.

People buying houses for the first time and youths made up the greater number of buyers for homes at Woodmount Avenue.
Some people have preferences as to the kind of house they want and the location of the house. With further thought into the matter, buyers found out that there are similar services in the west-end found in the east areas and at cheaper costs.


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