Canada Post To Be Out Of Service For Some Time

The Canada post will have to put a hold on their services for a short while to continue the talk between the Crown Corporation and Canadian Union of Postal workers CUPW. The postal services provided by Canada post and the CUPW will be delayed and on hold till a bargaining term can be agreed on for the new collective agreement underway. There should be no interference with the work going on till the 2nd of July says the Canada Post. If an agreement between the Crown Corporation and Canada Post is not yet reached by July 2nd, the employees are likely to commence strike actions,

A suggestion has been made by the Crown Corporation that the closing dates for the premium mail delivery options for the customers who want their delivery to be guaranteed are by June 30. The Xpresspost, both national and provincial deliveries are on the 28th of June, while the others like The Expedited Parcel (local), the local Xpresspost and the Priority (local, national and regional) delivery date is by June 29.

As July 1st is a national holiday to observe Canada Day, no mail delivery services will take place and if there in any parcel or mail in the system around the period, Canada Post will have it well secured and kept safely till work resumes.

Canada is known to be a lucrative Crown corporation according to the Union. The discussion about the “major cuts to benefits and job security” is slowly being broken down, said Mike Palecek who happens to be the national president of CUPW, on CBC. The Canada Post informed the public that there will be no delivery of mail as at July 2.


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