Asia-Pacific Gateway And Corridor Initiative To Provide Jobs Across B.C

The Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative is a set of investment and policy measures aimed at improving trade in the Asia-Pacific region.  It entails development of transportation infrastructure in the United States as well as other major Canadian locations such as Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The initiative is committed to the betterment of global supply chains linking North America and Asia.

Aside from making Canada an effective competitor in the global market as well as enhancing trade routes in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative is a credible source of employment for Canadian residents which is in line to provide employment to thousands of new workers.

A study dubbed the Asia-Pacific Skills Table revealed that 110,000 jobs are set to be available through the initiative by 2025. The jobs will be offered in Lower Mainland as well as Northern British Columbia. The jobs will encompass construction, logistics, management, marine, rail and trucking divisions.

Much of the jobs being offered are a result of retirements as well as the initiative’s plans for expansion.  The vacancies offered lament the Corridor initiative’s goal of providing the Asia-Pacific Gateway with the best available workers at the right time. The study also disclosed that half of the desired workers will be fresh graduates that are novice to the workforce whilst immigrants and those from other provinces are set to make up 21% of it.


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