Canadian CEOs Have High Hopes For The Future

Canadian CEOs are quite confident about the overall performance of their companies and this was shown as KPMG in Canada released the 2016 Canadian CEO Outlook. The release shows that Canadian CEOs are able to face all of the challenges and drawbacks they encountered. This is a very good sign as Canadian CEOs seem to be doing much better than their counterparts in other countries. Canadian CEOs are more focused on achieving their aims and objectives and it also concluded that the chances are very slim for Canadian CEOs to fail in their business transactions. They also value all trustworthy customers and the relationships they have is well-maintained. Canadian CEOs are also well prepared for any cyber attacks because measures have been taken to safeguard all organizations and industries from cyber attacks.

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner, KPMG in Canada and Chairman of KPMG’s Americas Region, Bill Thomas explained that although there were challenges along the way, considering the unstable economy of the country which stems from the decline in the oil industry and also unstable dollar crisis, CEOs were able to stay ahead of every situation. There are also very high hopes for improvement in the performances of Canadian organizations in the years to come. However, there are still some existing differences in opinions about they way forward or strategic focus.

In a study conducted by KPMG consisting of 53 Canadian CEOs from various companies, it showed that although Canadian businesses are growing at a steady space, organizational heads are quite an optimist that more improvement will be done in the years to come. Company heads are very confident that their organizations will continue growing with time.

Even though these are tough times for Canadian businesses there are no signs from Canadian CEOs of giving up. Rather they are forging ahead to maximize their performances.Bridging the gap between organizations and customers

Bridging the gap between organizations and customers

98% of Canadian CEOs make it a point of duty to take into consideration all of their loyal customers. There is more concern centered on the services provided to customers and meeting up to their needs and demands. In addition, ways are being put in place to increase customer services and satisfaction.

Bringing in new customers is also essential to the growth and expansion of organizations and customers are the number one priority for Canadian business heads. On the other hand, some Canadian heads are using their data to better understand customers.

Cyber attacks

Unlike its other global business counterparts, Canadian CEOs are very confident in standing against any cyber attacks. Most Canadian organizations and industries have measures in place to protect them from cyber attacks. However, it is required for all organizations to report any sort of cyber attack.


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