A&W Canada Rewarded After Decision To Produce “More Natural” Foods

Fast food chain, A&W Canada, experienced an 8% increasein same store sales (a metric used to measure the sales of restaurants open for more than a year) at the end of 2015’s financial year according to equity research associate at Laurentian Bank Securities, Elizabeth Johntson.

The recent growth of the franchise has been tied to its choice to omit certain aspects of the food being sold in its many chains, a decision the fast-food suppliers made back in 2012. For instance, A&W no longer served beef from cows that have been induced with hormones or steroids and their decision was well received by consumers.

“We saw a real uptick,” said A&W’s chief financial officer, Don Leslie, referring to A&W’s quarterly sales revenue following the introduction of more natural beef.

Alterations in food content did not stop there. The fast food retailers went on to exclude chicken and pork raised through the use of antibiotics, as well as stopped supplying eggs from hens fed from a diet which included animal byproducts.

A&W’s success can be acutely measured on the fact that Miss Johntson pointed out that most of its competitors only achieved same store sales growth negative 1% to 5% on average.


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