Canada Post Gets New Mediator

There has been a change of official administration as William Kaplan, who is a lawyer and author has been given the position as a mediator to put an end to the dragging labor dispute going on at Canada post. The Minister of Labour who appointed the mediator said she hopes that there will be something done in order to stop any threats that will be faced by the members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

There was a strike that was issued by the members of the union earlier this month, putting blame on Canada Post for forcing a disturbance of labor. Both the crown corporation and CUPW came to a stand-off after their contract discussion during last week, with both sides saying they are in different areas on important issues, including the issue of pay scale for those letter carriers for the rural areas with intensions for the pensions to be adjusted for employees in the future.

For the time being, Canada Post has shown that they got a profit of about $1 million in their operations for the second quarter of this year. It was stated that the annuity solvency deficit for the company went up intensely to approximately $8.1 billion since the first of July, causing it to increase from the previous $6.1 billion in the latter part of 2015.


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