Goods “forgotten” In Rental Properties Will Be Auctioned Off By Emirates Auction In The UAE

A go-ahead has been given to the Emirates Auction by The Dubai Land Department’s Rental Disputes Centre to sell off possessions that had been left in properties that are the subject of rental disputes.
The signed agreement states that only possessions that are moveable from the properties are allowed to be auctioned. Furthermore, all legal documents will be made available to the buyer of such possessions from the auction so that they can legally claim it.

According to the executive director of Emirates Auction, this process will help fasten the closure of rental disputes as such disputes sometimes take a while before they get resolved.

The auction to be conducted will be overseen by the judge in charge of the cases and a bailiff. The prices of the possessions will be determined by the judge. He will also decide whether an item should be reprised or sold.
The Rental Disputes Center will, in turn, assess the value of the item that has being sold to compare it with the original value of the item.

According to the Rental Disputes Center director, Abdulqader Musa Mohammed “It is in their best interest to resolve all rental disputes as quickly as possible. Therefore to be seen that all parties involved have their rights, the Center embarked on bringing aboard a company specialized in this area. The Rental Disputes Center is quite satisfied that the Emirate Auction will be able to take control of the auctions for the sales of all moveable properties.”

Buyers in these auctions will also be protected as all of the items they will be buying will have the necessary legal work and buyers will also be given the right to assess the items before purchasing them.


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