Toyota is to test keyless car sharing system.

Toyota will test another auto sharing system one year from now that gives users the option to unlock doors and begin cars with their smartphones.

The Smart Key Box system takes out the requirement for a metal key. Toyota will test the system in San Francisco with the Getaround auto sharing system beginning in January.

Keyless auto sharing is not absolutely new. GM’s Maven system utilizes a mobile app to open cars and permit them start with the push-button ignition.

Maven is as of now in nine U.S. urban communities, including Ann Arbor. ZipCar gives clients a chance to get to cars with a card.

Its user’s telephone will get codes to get to the smart key box inside car sharing vehicles. At the point when the telephone draws near to the vehicle, the codes are checked through the Bluetooth system. Toyota may utilize the system in Japan for an unmanned auto rental business, In the event that the test is fruitful.
Toyota additionally is building up a system that gives owners a chance to send car sharing pay to Toyota Financial Services to make rent payments.
Toyota likewise has put investments into Uber, the U.S. start-up that has driven a significant part of the development in car pooling sharing internationally.


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