Give Away Signs That A ‘For Rent’ Ad Is Not Authentic

Getting thrown out of an apartment, and being unable to renew the lease contract, can make a person end up in a situation whereby they have go in desperate search of another house. It’s never easy to find an apartment that will be suitable and comfortable enough to suit your needs. Due to the desperate need to find a house as early as possible, a lot of people fall prey to the devious ways of some scammer through the fake “for rent” ads posted online.

People who are in desperate need of a house will probably be attracted to scam deals that they aren’t aware of due to possibly the price and terms of the tenancy. unfortunately for them it ends up being a waste of time, resources and energy at the end of the day. Some of the people sadly lose their money, get their alias stolen and go through a lot of losses.  To avoid such scams, these pointers can help.

#1. Details Are Not Outlined.
This is probably one leading sign to bring to your attention that something is wrong somewhere. If a proper clear picture to show the house is not provided, name of the landlord is missing, and there’s no address given, then that’s a reason to start doubting the Ad. There might be excuses concerning the absence of the landlord or flimsy reasons given to cover up. Don’t fall for such tricks.

#2. Payment Is Required Before Moving In.
You have asked to check out the place and have a thorough inspection of the house. However, you are requested to pay a certain amount of money before you get to see the house. Some go to say that a deposit should be made before you get to move into the house as a tenant. This should tell you that something fishy is going on, so beware.

#3. Email Address Is Not Legit.
Another thing that should be of worry to you, is the email address. An email with no genuine name will be noticeable from address, and name. Don’t think it’s a coincidence, and let it pass you by .It might be a sign that this fake email is being used to scam people and trick them to do as they wish.

#4. Contact Number Is Not Available.
In the time and era we are in, a phone is a must have for everyone. From a young child to an old person, a mobile phone is a huge necessity. Rental listings always have numbers to contact the real estate agent, and meet them in person. An Ad that does not have any contact number, is one that should raise some red flags.

#5. Promising Fake Terms To Lure Tenants.
An ad that will label out promises for future prospective tenants, might turn out to be fake and untrue. Most especially in cases, whereby the conditions are too good to be true. Be on the lookout and don’t fall victim.


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