Canadians in favor of Shoppers Drug Mart retailing medical marijuana

Canadians are in favor of shoppers Drug Mart’s application to sell medical weed with polls showing that 76% apart from 85% of cannabis users are giving Shoppers the go ahead.

Statistics from the Forum Research polls shows that Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34, and those with high incomes are mostly pleased with 61% of Canadians, stating that they appreciate the application of Canada’s largest pharmacy to become a legal marijuana retailer.

On the other hand 30% do not give their support for this decision, whilst some are still on the fence.

Residents of the ages 65 and above also do not approve of this, with 45% of Conservative voters disliking and are against the application, and 37% Bloc Quebecois voters.

Atlantic Provinces and British Columbia have the highest number of people in favor, with 72% and 67% respectively.

Nonetheless, 65% of Canadians have stated that they will still visit the store even if they begin to sell marijuana.

Speaking on the matter, president of Forum Research, Lorne Boznioff stated that it is clear that Canadians are eager to have the drugs sold at the store, as many are demanding for marijuana to be legalized. But although they are eager to have marijuana to be sold in the country’s leading pharmacy, they are not in favor for it to be sold in liquor store.”

Furthermore, the polls also shows that many adult Canadians have in the past used marijuana, and most of them are men with 24%. Women and younger people have also been known to make use of the drug.

More people have also claim that they will make use of marijuana once it has been legalized and this cuts across all ages and gender.

Looking at the overall figure, 20% Canadians have used marijuana in 2015, while 27% revealed that they will use it if the law changes. 13% of people 65 and above, also say they will use it if it becomes legal and 65% have no intention of changing their shopping patterns if it’s sold at Shoppers



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