Diverse sales in October in the Ontario markets

Ontario saw a variation in its market sales for the month of October as the demand for homes rose. London -St Thomas had an increase in sales which was first of its kind, while unfortunately for Windor- Essex County; there was a decrease in sales.  There was also improvement for Bruce Grey Owen Sound in the west.

Nevertheless the highest home sales were recorded in London- St Thomas with 825 home sales in October which is a 18.7% increased than that of the previous year.

The other best figure ever recorded was in October 2006 with 711 home sales.

There was also an increase in prices by 5.3% which was higher than the previous year.

For Windor- Essex County, there was a slowdown in market activities in October, with a 6% drop in sales and a 3.3% drop in market activity.

But taking a look at sales from the beginning of the year, Windor–Essex County made an appreciable 1.8% increase in market activity, and a 10.6% increase in sales.

These figures just go to prove that market activity, and sales in Windor-Essex are not that bad and there is room for improvement.

Realtors Association of Bruce Grey Owen Sound in their reports show a 277 sales in the month of October which is a welcomed figure.  Sales for the year also increased by 28.2 %, with the average home prices increased by 7.3% to $262,281 while inventory declined by 39.5%.

With all these figures, it’s good news for Ontario as it shows that there is high competition in the market as a variation in sales can be seen.

Realtors are however hoping that these figures will continue to improve in the months to come. Furthermore, it is expected that the hot market areas like Toronto and Vancouver will have little influent on other markets and most especially that of Ontario.






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