Family-sized condos prominent on Toronto coast

The new family sized Aquabella condos for Tridel is providing a real estate alternative to the high cost of detached homes in Toronto. Looking beyond the high Toronto regions high home price, the company established its first condo on the coast in 1968 in Oakville.

Tridel is still proving that they are well ahead in the real estate world by supplying family sized condominiums in one of the latest Toronto seaside neighborhoods.

The Aquabella condo which is the third stage in Tridel’s Bayside, includes more of larger units as opposed to one- bedrooms. The building units are designed to give more sea views and provide sufficient light on ground level.

According to Jim Ritchie, vice-president of Tridel stated that the building units have quite unique features that are different from other condominium homes in Toronto.

He added that the Aquabella suites cover between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet but this is does not mean they can’t be larger.

Despite the fact that smaller units do not have sea views they are much reasonable but larger units with spectacular views are also affordable but the prices range with the type of view the unit provide.

Furthermore, the cost of a unit is determined by making a comparison to prices of other condos in Toronto.

Tridel’s responsibility in the development is to meet up to the standards of the international real estate company Hines. Also included in the master plan are retail, office and public units. Waterfront Toronto is however overseeing all the construction going on.

Aside from the condo units, Aquabella also provide other family amenities such as a nearby playground and large outdoor space for social activities. A daycare will also be available in the building.

Aquabella has already being sold 75% even though it won’t be completed until 2020.

According to Ritchie, he is not shocked at the quick sale of the building units as the prices are much more reasonable compared to other condos in Toronto regions.

It has also become evident that people are now craving for homes that are close to social amenities such as parks and also have a daycare nearby.

The project is all about developing a community that is affordable and 20% of the residential development is reasonable housing.

Amanda Santo, Waterfront Toronto’s director of development approvals highlighted that much consideration is given towards that differences between non-residential and residential uses to ensure that there is improvement for resident to live, work and play in these communities and people can also retire in this area as well.

She went on adding that, contemporary communities do not just pop up, they are compelled by the market.


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