Cineplex setting a trend in movie theatres in Toronto

Toronto is about to receive its first ever 4DX movie theatre with specially designed motion chairs and the atmosphere will have a snow, wind, mist, bubbles feeling. Magnifying the experience from watching a movie to almost being in it, 4DX is a new and exciting state of the art cinematic technology.

Cineplex which is One of Canada’s leading entertainment companies with its headquarters in Toronto, operates 163 theatres with 1,666 screens caters for 77 million guests on a yearly basis.

In the past, movie theaters had great difficulties to determine what movie they should air but in recent times, that challenge has changed to now finding the appropriate bells and whistles that will match up with the film.

Cineplex is setting the pace in movie theatres by bringing its immersive theatre technology in Toronto.

Viewers will experience a special audible effect in an atmosphere filled with wind, snow and bubbles effects.

But Cineplex has little time to boast of its glory as there are other five major theatres internationally that are also having plans to dish out a similar unusual cinematic experience.

A theater in Indonesia offer moviegoers an opportunity to book tickets for a two-person bed with dates to watch a movie.

Escape from New York in Manhattan, Couples retreat in Jakarta, Footloose and fancy free in Bangkok, A shark’ s tale, and Greece is the word in Athens are just few movie theatres that provide their customers with a marvelous movie viewing experience.

Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex Entertainment stated that “in the previous year, the theatre introduced the “See The Big Picture” brand platform and encouraged more Canadians to create more opportunities to be watching movies.”


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