Canada’s food guide requires to be upgraded with consumer consideration

Food guide is very relevant to Canadians and has a great influence on people. Public institutions, schools, universities and community-based organizations go through the food guideline to determine what is essential in regards to nutritional necessities.

For many years, Canada’s Food Guide was regarded as a trademark of food values in the country. But many are concerned that the food guide is not very effective.

Statistics from Health Canada shows that 60% of Canadians are obese and half of those figures face the risk of developing heart disease. This figure raises fear in many, but casting the blame on the food guide is somehow an overreaction by the people and the food guide does not actually help.

With all this in mind, Health Canada is taking a step forward by improving on the food guide having consumers in mind.

Health Canada has also disclosed that this time around the Canada’s Food Guide will not involve industry experts and representatives in their decision making. But even though it is expected that people will be happy with this decision, Canadians have been used to hearing such comments in the past.

The industry have in the past been involved in all food guide processes  hence it will also be advisable for them to be consulted in the modernization of the Canada’s Food Guide. The industry can give advice about pertinent issues such as logistical challenges, research, and development constrains, evolving trends, the food distribution prices and competitions.

It will be unfair to conclude that, the contributions of the industry are not worthwhile. It is the main aim of the industry to make food available to people even though profit making is also a priority for them.

For many critics, the best step to take presently is to learn from past experience and find a way forward to satisfy consumers by giving them healthy nutritional guide.

It is also essential for the food guide to be applicable to people’s daily lives and regular citizens, parents, teachers, advocates, physical education enthusiast; culinary experts should also be involved in the food guide process.

Suggestions were also raised including the formation of two different guides: one for professionals and the other for regular citizens but both should have the same outcomes.



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